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What is "technical writing"?

Simply put, technical writing focuses on making technical, complex information easier for end users and customers to understand.  Usually, the technical writer works very closely with a subject matter expert (SME) or applications developers to create policies, procedures, work instructions, workflows and end-user documents. However, it should not be assumed that technical writing is limited to producing content about only business operations or software applications.  Actually, the word "technical " in this genre of writing refers to the expert skills and knowledge that are required for performing tasks and functions for any job or profession. Therefore, technical writers are also hired to develop documents for disciplines such as medicine, manufacturing, education, advertising, and several other business industries. 


Documents we produce 

bulletSystem User Guides
bulletOperator's Manuals
bulletReference manuals
bulletOnline Help
bulletJob Descriptions 
bulletTraining manuals
bulletMaintenance Manuals
bulletEmergency Response Manuals
bulletCharts and Diagrams
bullet Reports
bullet Process Documentation
bullet Policies/Procedures
bullet ISO 9000 Documentation
bullet Std Operating Procedures
bullet Work Flow Processes
bullet Safety Manuals
bullet Business forms
bullet Appliance manuals
bullet Installation Guides

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