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Welcome to my e-learning website and virtual portfolio. On this site you will find free samples of the course material created for Outschool, and various products that I developed as an E-Learning Developer for Trinity Technology and Media.


About Me


I currently work as an online teacher for Outschool.  I teach math, grammar, reading, history, and social studies to learners at various grades and levels in America and abroad virtually. AT Outschool, I utilize Microsoft PowerPoint for the course material, as well as videoconferencing (Zoom), audio, whiteboards, and various e-learning techniques.

As a 2014 graduate with an MS in Instructional Design and Technology, I am highly motivated to join an organization where I can experience professional growth, and be a valued contributor to achievement of the company’s strategic business goals. In  my professional involvement, I have been able to acquire a broad spectrum of experience in learning methodologies and production of engaging, instructional solutions. This is attributed to working on diverse instructional design projects, including, application of requisite technologies, and interacting with different levels of employees.

I provide design and development of school ciriculum, e-learning courses, e-books, training manuals, online instruction, distance learning techniques, self-paced programs, story-based learning modules, web design and technical documentation. I am competent with application of adult learning principles, the ISD process, the ADDIE model, blended learning strategies, and elearning techniques. Proficiency with technology includes many of the commonly used computer software packages and authoring programs for course development.  I am also knowledgeable of techniques for delivering instruction using wikis, blogs, discussion boards and mobile devices.  

My commitment  is to produce high quality courses and documents at standards that promote excellence in achievement of meaningful learning. It would be a welcome opportunity to be a  team member in a work environment that is dedicated to production of effective learning solutions. 


An Essential Guide to Cybersecurity


E-Learning Techniques Using PowerPoint


How To Create a Basic Web Site


Course Design in PowerPoint

How to Create a Basic Web Site (2009 Version) 


Introduction to Grammar Basics


Math Made Easy


Excerpt of Chapter 3 of an Essential Guide to Cybersecurity

Chapter 2 of E-Learning Techniques Using PowerPoint    

Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Done in Articulate Storyline)


      Chapter 3 of How to Create a Basic Web Site       

Fitness Train-the-Trainer Manual - Lesson 3 The Boxing Workout 




        E-Mail Address: DMill8823@aol.com

Phone Number: 813-393-7225

                                    Outschool: https://outschool.com/teachers/David-Matthew-Miller#usinjKYbdZ

                  LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-miller/8b/870/404

My Professional Facebook Page:

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